The best remote control interface for Android!

Andre is a highly configurable, feature-rich graphical interface for home automation and device remote control. It is server-agnostic and can work with most any home automation or remote controllable media software (like Girder and JRiver Media Center) or hardware (DirecTV HD DVRs, Global Cache IR interfaces, many audio/video receivers, alarm systems) that can be controlled through a web service or TCP/IP communication.

Use the on-device editing interface to create anything from a single screen of buttons which send simple IR codes to a Global Cache interface, to a multi-page total system controller with two-way communication, real time feedback, and multi-room aware. Integrate with a home security system to monitor zones, arm/disarm the alarm, or automatically display an image from cameras when motion is detected.

Community tools built directly into Andre allow you to discover complete solutions from other users that you can use in your own layout for free, or share your own creative implementations. New devices and servers are being implemented by the community all the time.

Give it a try! The full feature set of Andre Pro 2.0 is available in the free version. Create your entire layout, get help implementing control of your devices and servers and test it out without any obligation. The only difference between the free and full versions is an occasional reminder message. Andre has built-in help and a sample configuration to introduce you to the basics, and you can also check out the Getting Started information here. Finally, check the wiki for documentation and reference material and the forums for discussions about using Andre to its fullest.


1/28/2013: Check out the new Getting Started docs which should make getting up and running with Andre easier. Also, as version 2.2.5 nears and the free version is already getting a lot of use, please help us out and report and force close issues you encounter, including what you were doing when it happened.

1/18/2013: Andre Pro *Pre-Release* 2.2.1 is now in the Play Store! Andre is leaving Beta and 2.x will soon be considered ready for prime time. Documentation, web site and the last few bugs are being addressed now.

The Pre-Relase Trial version is in the market now and contains all of the functionality of the full Pro version, and just has an occasional trial reminder dialog during actual remote usage. Get to know Andre, build your layout and test it with your software/devices.